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Hello and welcome! Thank you for visiting my blog!


My name is Helen Naylor. I am an illustrator, designer, crafter and all round creator based in Bolton in the North West of England.


I am also the person behind Pocket Wren the brand under which all my makes come together. Take a look at my shop here: Pocket Wren


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By pocketwren, Sep 22 2014 06:57PM

I have been furiously working away at Pocket Wren headquarters on putting together a brand spanking new wholesale catalogue. Finally after many hours of slaving away in front of a computer monitor I can now show you Pocket Wren's first ever wholesale catalogue!

The catalogue currently contains a small range of my products suitable for the wholesale market. Over time I intend to expand the range to include more Pocket Wren loveliness but, for now, this is just a small sample to wet your appetites.

Happy browsing and do keep checking back for new products!

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